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1. Thesis Supervisions
    1.1. Completed Thesis Supervisions
    1.2.Current Committees Chaired
2. Courses taught during the last seven years:
3. Thesis Workshop

1.1. Completed Thesis Supervisions
Simkin, Keith M.A. 1970 The Development of National Education Systems: A Comparative Analysis
Donaldson, Beryl  M.A. 1972 University Graduates in Alternative Culture: A Case Study
Avoseh, Olusola Ph.D. 1973 Educational Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cross-National Longitudinal Study
Desroches, Jocelyn Ph.D. 1975 The Concept and Determinants of Job Satisfaction: An Exploratory Study in Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology
Gilbert, Jorge M.A. 1975 Economic Dependence in Latin America
Kwong, Julia Ph.D. 1975 Economy and Educational Development in China
Haralambidis, V. M.A. 1976 Ideological Dependence in Latin America
Bianco, Gabriella M.A. 1977 The Conception of Praxis in Gramsci & Its Implications in Education
Johnson Drew M.A. 1978 Social Obstacles, Aspirations & Expectations of Lower Class Students: A Cross Sectional Study
Galleguellos, N. M.A. 1978 The Educational System in an Authoritarian Regime: The Chile Case
Mason, Richard Ph.D. 1978 The Critical Potential of Knowledge: Environmental Studies and the Matrix of Power
Rauf, Abdur Ph.D. 1978 A Study of Objective Social Classes and their Expectations Towards Personal and Societal Futures
Richards, Madeline M.A. 1978 The Education of West Indian Students in Toronto: A Re-Examination
Gilbert, Jorge  Ph.D. 1980 Cuba: From Primitive Accumulation to Socialism
Green, Cecilia M.A. 1980 Toward a Theory of "Colonial"Modes of Production: A Marxist Approach
Hurdle, Najja M.A. 1980 A Study of Educational Reform in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Schifellite, C. M.A. 1980 Consciousness, Hegemony and Education in Social Change
Siegel, Sanford Ph.D. 1980 Working Class Culture and Praxes: A Community Case Study
Colwell, Michael M.A. 1981 The Interpretation of Thailand
Repo, Satu M.A. 1981 The Historical Materialist Tradition and the Sociology of Culture
Tabatabia, Diane M.A. 1981 Planning for the Reform of Education with Focus on Modernization in Iran
Wellmeier, Ingrid M.A. 1981 Microtechnology, Education and the Labour Process in the Office
Seccombe, Wally Ph.D. 1982 The Reproduction of Labour Power: A Comparative Study
Taborsky, Edwina Ph.D. 1982 Museums and Society: A Study of the Role of the Museum in Society
Apostolopoulos, C. M.A. 1983 Schooling and Capitalism: Some Sociological Implications of the Thought of Nicos Poulantzas
Carty, Linda M.A. 1983 Educational Implications of Non-Capitalist Theories of Development (with special reference to the state of  St. Kitts-Nevis)
Xilouris, John M.A. 1983 Modes of Production, the State and Education - The Greek Case from 1830 to 1940
Dehli, Kari M.A. 1984 Community Work and Schooling
Rahim, Aminur Ph.D. 1986 Class, Education and Nationalism in Bangladesh
Rezai-Rashti, Goli Ph.D. 1986 Dependent Development and the Limits of Educational Reform in Iran
Wong, Bertrand Ph.D. 1986 Economic Ideology and Education in China after Mao
Kuttner, Michael M.A. 1987 Language Politics and Educational Reform in West Bengal
Gerin-Lajoie, Diane Ph.D. 1987 Life Skills and Technical Skills in Co-operative Education Programs
Bowd, Robert M.A. 1987 Crisis, Hegemony and Curriculum Revision
English, David M.A. 1987 The Hidden Curriculum in Nursing Education
Varpolotai, Aniko Ph.D. 1987 Sport, Gender and the Hidden Curriculum in Leisure
Mangan, J. Marshall Ph.D. 1988 Critical Pedagogy of  Social Statistics
Williams, Rick Ed.D. 1988 The Problem of Political Education:Teaching Political Economy to Social Workers
Awang, Sandra M.A. 1988 Women and Transnational Corporations in the Caribbean
Sanger, Matthew M.A. 1989 Transforming the Elements: The Reorganization of Work and Learning at Stelco's Hilton Works
Stubos, George Ph.D. 1989 State Formation as Cultural Revolution: The Case of Greece
Carty, Linda Ph.D. 1990 Women and Higher Education in the Caribbean
De Repentigny M.Ed. 1990 Les nouvelles technologies de Huguette reproduction humaine: Les pour et les contres
Hersh, Mike M.Ed. 1992 The Inglis Plant Closure: Corporate Restructuring and Labour Responses
Asner, Elizabeth Ph.D. 1992 Class, Gender and Generation: A Life Course Approach to Women's Choices and Feminist Consciousness
Hesch, Richard Ed.D. 1992 Teachers on the Borderlands: The Cultural and Ideological Formation of Aboriginal Preservice Teachers
Thomson, Marion M.A. 1992 Class Consciousness in a Scottish Mining Community: A Comparison of the 1920s and the 1980s
Church, Kathryn Ph.D. 1993 Breaking Down/Breaking Through: Multi-Voiced Narratives on Psychiatric Survivor Participation in Ontario's Community Mental Health System
Simmons, Margaret M.Ed. 1993 High Hopes and Small Sums: The History of the Trefann Court Mothers and Inner City Education in the Toronto Board
Mayo, Peter Ph.D. 1994 Synthesizing Gramsci and Freire: Possibilities for a Theory of Transformative Adult Education
Modibo, Najja Ph.D. 1995 The Political Economy of Labour Education and Immigrant Participation in Toronto Union Locals: The EWP Case
Moses, Nigel Ph.D. 1995 Student Struggle in Ontario, 1955-1967
Milewski, Patrice M.A. 1996 Teachers in the Dirty 30s: Oral Histories
Poirier, Sonia M.A. 1996 The Reconstruction of Cultural Contradictions: A Quebeçois Case Study
Spindel, Patricia Ed.D. 1996 Development of a Long-Term Care Policy in Ontario
Sawchuk, Peter M.A. 1996 Working Class Informal Learning and Computer Literacy.
Morgan, Clara  M.A. 1996 The Participation of "Immigrant" Women in Elabed Ontario's Labour Market
Taylor, Alison Ph.D. 1997 Educational Reorganization in Canada in the 1990s: The Corporate Agenda
Roth, Reuben M.A. 1997 "Kitchen Economics for the Family": Paid Education Leave and The Canadian Autoworkers Union.
Adams, Matt M.A. 1998 Popular Education and Labour Education:Bridging the Gap
Edgar, Carol  M.A. 1998 Learning Social Identities: A Biographical Perspective
Green, Cecilia Ph.D. 1998 At the Junction of the Global and the Local: World Market Factory Production and the Caribbean
Thornton, Andrew Ph.D. 1998 Ultimate Masculinities: Knowing Males in Sports 
Sawchuk, Peter  Ph.D. 2000 Working Class Informal Learning
Terepocki, Megan Ph.D. 2000 Ways of Knowing and Intelligence Testing: Working Class Women's Perspectives
Ehrlich, Leslie Ph.D. 2001 University Program Responses to Changing External Demands
Schifellite, Carmen Ph.D. 2002 Using Critical Sociology of Science: The Case of Sociobiology
Sohn, E.J. M.A. 2002 Women's Underemployment in South Korea
Abbas, Jihan M.A. 2003 Designated Disabilities and Employment Discrimination
Antonelli, Fab M.A. 2003 Critical Analysis of Careers and Civics Curriculum in Ontario Schools
Pankhurst, Ken Ph.D. 2003 Workplace Learning from Experience
Paavo, Adriane M.A. 2003 Time and Task Constraints on Women Labour Movement Activists
Stowe, Susan M.A. 2003 Social Factors Related to University Access
Hurley, Jen Ph.D. 2004 High School Students as Critical Social Researchers (co-supervisor with W. Seccombe)
Ng, Winnie M.A. 2004 The Importance of Race and Class in Satisfaction with School: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong Immigrant and White Canadian Students
Whitfield, Gina M.A. 2004
Francis, Kaye Ph.D. 2005 Problems and Prospects in Vocational Counselling
Roth, Reuben Ph.D. 2005 The Changing Class Consciousness of Canadian Autoworkers
Sharma, Renu Ph.D. 2005 School to Work Transitions: The Role of Spirituality
Maxine Laine Ed.D. 2006 Professional Managers’ Informal and     Formal Learning
Daniel Araya M.A. 2006 The University in a Global Age
Lisa Mesbur M.A. 2006 Adolescent Girls and Informal Music Learning
Gail Russel M.A. 2006 De-centering Colonial Schooling: Towards Reforming Indigenous Education
Anne Bird M.A. 2007 Informal Learning and Quality Child Care Practices Among Regulated Home Child Care Providers
Johanna Westar Ph.D. 2007 Studies of Learning and Work: Job Control Participation in Learning and Underemployment (co-supervision with M. Gunderson)
Jo-Anne Nugent Ed.D. 2008 Barriers to Completion of Community College Programs
Wren, John Ph.D. 2008 The future of Apprenticeship: A Comparative Analysis
Officer, Sandria Ph.D. 2009 Workplace Autonomy of Ontario Teachers Disabilities
Gariba, Shaibu Ph.D. 2009 Race, Ethnicity, Immigration and Jobs
Fennessy, Barb Ph.D. 2009 Communities and Leaders at Work in the New Economy
Raykov, Milosh Ph.D. 2009 Underemployment and Health-Related Quality of Life
Radsma, Marion Ph.D. 2009 Clerical Workers: Acquiring the Skills to Meet Tacit Process
Antonelli, Fab Ph.D. 2010 Workplace Learning in Secondary Schools
Mahamed, Fowzia M.A. 2010 Somali Parents’ Cultural Capital: Examining the Causes for Somali Students’ Overrepresentation in Special Education

1.2. Current Committees Chaired


    Akhtar Hassan Malik Ph.D.

    A Comparative Study of Elite-English-Medium Schools, Public Schools and Islamic Madrassahs in Contemporary Pakistan: Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory Applied to Understand Inequalities in Educational/Occupational Opportunities


    Bird, Ann Ph.D.

    The Peculiar Family Business of Family Child Care: Policy and Regulation Affecting Emotional Labour in Caregiving

Dintsman, Elise Ph.D.
Limits of Cultural Capital: Museums and the Middle Class

Holliday, Cathy PhD
Class and Race Relations in Contemporary Police Culture

McKitrick, Sara EdD
The Development of Technological Studies High School Programs

    Mitchell, Laura M.A.
Workplace Learning of Retail Branch Workers in Conditions of
Organizational Restructuring

Scholtz, Antonie Ph.D.
Knowledge, Power and Class: Exploring the Labour Processes of Professional and Semi-professional Employees in Canada


    Stowe, Susan Ph.D.

    Accessibility to Learning for the Workplace


2. Courses taught during the last seven years:

Courses title


EDU5118 — Education and Work


1904 Social Stratification and Schooling

1904 La stratification sociale et le système scolaire 
        (cours à distance en français)

1935 Future Societies and Education

1953 Ideologies, Public Opinion and Policy Making in Education

2940 Marxism and Education

2941 Social Inequities and Education

2942 Education and Work

2998 Individual Reading Courses

3029 Educational Policy: Current International Trends

3940 Comparative Societies: Economic Change, State Regimes and Schooling

3949 Advanced Studies in Learning and Work

3953 Canadian Political Economy and Education

3949S Advanced Studies in Learning and Work


3. Thesis Workshop

3999 Special topics in Learning and Work: Comparative Perspectives on 
        Transitions Through the Life Course (with Walter Heinz) 


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