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WISE Activism Education
Educating students about Possible Actions to Address WISE Issues

This page is a supplement to the STEPWISE project website, and provides brief descriptions of ways in which teachers can help students to learn about various actions people have take to address WISE Issues (called 'STSE' issues in Ontario and in other places; also called 'socioscientific' issues elsewhere). If you have any comments, questions, etc. about this project or would like to join it, please contact me by email.

WISE Activism Education:
Teaching & Learning Approaches

This is a 'work-in-progress,' but some general strategies for WISE Problem-Activism Education are illustrated below:

This also is a 'work-in-progress, but the timing of when to conduct WISE Problem-Activism Education may be understood in terms of the following schematic.

Recently, we have recommended merging this education with what we had called 'WISE Skills Education.' The result of this merger is what we now call 'Guided Inquiry-based STSE Action Education.' In these activities, teachers provide students with examples of actions that others have taken on socioscientific issues; but, as well, they guide them through inquiries (correlational studies and experiments) that are likely to generate data that would motivate and direct students towards actions. Students should also be guided to actually implement one or more action plans for this to work well.
Illustration to follow..... But, for now, some examples are briefly outlined here.
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