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Science & Technology Education

This page provides access to resources for reflective practice in science and technology education; that is, for conducting research towards improving student learning. If you have comments, suggestions, ideas, resources, etc., please write to me about them.

The resources provided through this page relate to teachers' efforts at reflecting on and improving science and technology education. Teachers should - as much as possible - be involved in research and development (R&D) regarding their work. This is essential, at least because of the changing nature of thinking about teaching and learning but, as well, because of the changing nature of society and students in classes. This page page provides a few resources in the area of science and technology education that are related to educational R&D. For more extensive R&D resources, refer to Research & Development. Related to that, teachers should continue to refer to research results regarding student learning; for example, @ Learning. and teaching methods; e.g., @ Teaching. At different times, they may find themselves questioning the the purposes of education, generally, and science & technology education, more specifically. In such cases, teachers may want to take action to improve students' education and, related to that, the nature of the society at large.
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Science & Technology Education
Professional Journals
For teachers wanting to maintain a schedule of professional reading, the following non-refereed journals may be appropriate. For those wanting to read refereed journals, some examples are provided here: Journals. Most of the journals listed below like to receive articles written by classroom teachers.

Science & Technology Education Associations
Many of the journals noted above are produced by educational associations, several of which are linked below. In addition to journals, these associations tend to hold regular professional development activities, including workshops and conferences. Classroom teachers often are involved in both conducting these activities and attending them.
CANADIAN International
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