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Science & Technology Education

Teaching & Learning
Through this page, you can get ideas and resources for helping all students achieve their maximum potential literacy in science and technology, and enable and encourage them to use their literacy for improving the wellbeing of individuals, societies and environments (WISE). All resources linked at right are based on:


These resources also are related to:

Teaching-Learning Principles.
'Constructivist' Teaching.

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STSE Actions.
'STSE Actions' refers to actions that people can take to use their literacy in science and technology to promote 'wellbeing' (e.g., health, harmony & sustainability) of individuals, societies and environments (WISE).
STSE & NoST Education.
These resources help students to develop realistic conceptions of the nature of science & technology (NoST) and relationships among fields of science & technology and societies & environments (STSE).
These resources help students to develop expertise and motivation for conducting student-directed, open-ended science and/or invention projects and related communications.
These resources pertain to educating students about 'products' (called "Concepts" in Ontario) of science and technology, such as laws, theories and inventions.
These resources should provide students with opportunities to conduct student-directed, open-ended science inquiry and/or technological projects - results of which they may use to inform socio-political actions to address potential STSE problems.