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Welcome! This page provides some information and access to resources regarding government-sanctioned curricula for science and technology (S&T) education. Most information below pertains to curricula in Ontario, Canada, where I have worked as an educator since 1977. Aspects of S&T curricula in Ontario can be found in curriculum materials for other jurisdictions (e.g., the UK); but, clearly, each jurisdiction has different perspectives and practices regarding S&T education. If you would like to comment about anything here and/or send me suggestions, links, etc., please write to me. Thanks.

Science Curricula for Ontario
Ontario 'Science' curricula for secondary schools and 'Science & Technology' curricula for elementary schools provide students with opportunities - in principle - for education in three broad learning domains, as illustrated in the figure at right. Although Ontario curriculum documents list the 3 categories of teaching/learning 'Expectations' separately, teachers may - as illustrated at right - think of them as interrelated. Broadly, these domains involve - in my view - these kinds of learning opportunities:
  • STSE Education: learning about the nature of fields of science & technology and relationships between and among societies & environments; but, also, problems in such relationships and socio-political actions to address them.
  • Skills Education: developing cognitive, psychomotor and affective 'skills' (e.g., actions developed with practice) - such as skills for designing and conducting science inquiry and technology design projects, and for using findings for personal and socio-political purposes (e.g., socio-political actions).
  • Products Education: developing useful understandings of 'products' of science & technology (which, re: STSE, may be socio-political) - such as laws, theories and inventions/innovations.
In my work, I have - based on critiques of societal power relations, combined these kinds of teaching/learning 'expectations'/outcomes to develop the STEPWISE framework for encouraging civic actions to address WISE harms.

Canadian National and Provincial S&T Curricula
Pan-Canadian Science, K-12.
Ontario Ministry of Education.
Science & Technology, Grades 1-8.
Mathematics, Grades 1-8.
Science, Grades 9-10.
Science, Grades 11-12.
Mathematics, Grades 9-10.
Mathematics, Grades 11-12.
Technological Education, Grades 9-10.
Technological Education, Grades 11-12.
International S&T Curricula
National Curriculum for England.
National {USA} Science Foundation.
National Science Education Standards (NAS).
USA Science Benchmarks.
Science for All Americans (AAAS).
Technology for All Americans.