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Science Education for Civic Action
- A teacher resource book for promoting student-led RiNA projects

This page provides a brief introduction to and overview of the Science Education for Civic Action teacher resource book - providing teachers and others with practical teaching and learning materials - and related rationale for their uses - for helping students to develop expertise, confidence and motivation for eventually - typically after teacher-led lessons and activities - to self-direct research-informed and negotiated actions (RiNA) intended to overcome harms that students identify in relationships among fields of science and technology and societies and environments (STSE). Refer to notes below about the book outline. If you have any questions, suggestions, etc. about this book, please send messages to me at: larry.bencze@utoronto.ca.

SE4CA Book Outline
Science Education for Civic Action (SE4CA) is a collection of classroom-tested teaching and learning materials that are based on the STEPWISE teaching & learning framework - as well as brief explanations, based on educational theory (some of which is elaborated in the book's Appendices), about what to teach and how it perhaps should be taught. The book opens with brief overall descriptions of STEPWISE goals and pedagogy, followed by detailed examples of unit plans - with specific teaching/learning materials - for one unit in elementary school education and two units in secondary school science education. These are followed by sets of teaching/learning resources from which teachers can choose for designing and conducting lessons and activities in ways they believe to be best for students. Finally, the Appendices provide elaborations of some theoretical perspectives  (e.g., constructivist learning theory), some templates for graphics and some supplementary resources. All of these materials are provided without costs, mainly because they were developed via publicly-funded education and because a central priority of STEPWISE is to help others. Resources were field-tested over several years as part of the STEPWISE action research programme and then collaboratively assembled by our STEPWISE R&P Team.
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