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STEPWISE is a schema for developing lessons and student activities in science and technology education that may encourage and enable students to self-direct (SD/OE) 'RiNA' (research-informed & negotiated action) projects to address harms they perceive in STSE relationships. Using this schema, our research team has - mostly using action research - learned much about situations affecting teachers' abilities to enable such projects. Frequently, we develop various 'outreach' activities, including recent:

A full list of our publications is available through
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Conference Presentations
Although many (or most) conference presentations are conducted at face-to-face meetings, some are held in online environments - such as the one at right, which was presented as part of the III International Symposium of Science Education, Jaén, Spain, June 14, 2016.
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Workshops, Seminars & Symposia
2019 STEPWISE Symposium
On Saturday, May 11, 2019, our research and publication team is hosting a symposium (252 Bloor St. W., OISE, University of Toronto) to introduce new teaching/learning resources developed by the team and to engage educators in discussions about their possible uses in science and technology education. The graphic below provides some information about the symposium and a link to the pdf version. More information can be obtained here, with registration here.