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STSE relationships & RiNA projects: Elaborating 'multi-actant documentaries' (MADs).

For learning about and further investigating STSE relationships as part of RiNA projects, that are aimed at addressing harms, students may benefit from using actor-network theory - which is briefly outlined at right.

As described below, providing students with some information about actants within STSE relationships can stimulate them to conduct further research and make decisions about actions to address harms.

Multi-actant (STSE) Documentaries
It is apparent that, for all learning, students can benefit from being taught certain attitudes, skills, knowledge ('ASK'), etc. because - based on constructivist learning theory - it is difficult for learners to discovery ASK about which they do not already have some related ASK. Nevertheless, it also is apparent that learners can be motivated to learn more if they have been given control over decisions about procedures and conclusions (see here). So, for learning about STSE relationships in terms of ANT, we have developed documentaries of STSE relationships involving various commodities (shown below); but, these documentaries only provide some information - leaving students with needs (and, hopefully desires) to learn more.

Multi-actant Documentaries
Using the Prezi system, we have created multi-actant documentaries (MADs) about several different commodities - such as about fast and manufactured foods, as linked at right. Such MADs only provide some information about different actants related to the commodity - leaving it to students to conduct research to learn more about various actants and relationships among them. Used this way, they may be best used in the Students Practise phase of the STEPWISE pedagogy.

Other MADs to Explore
Members of the STEPWISE action research team have produced the above MAD and 12 others like it, with a link to each provided through the corresponding graphics for them below:

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