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Welcome to this set of internet links relating to educational research and development. I hope you find them useful. This page is one of two sections of my Research & Development Resources which is, in turn, one of four sections of my Educational Resources. Please also consider visiting my Action Research Support page. If you find other sites that I might add here, please send me the URL addresses (e.g., http://......). A great search engine for finding sites on particular topics is @ Google and Google Scholar.
Research Methods.
Refereed Journals.
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Research Methods
Theories for Research
While methods that may apply across a variety of contexts can be helpful, researchers always will be limited by what theoretical perspectives are available to them (for analyses and planning). Access to numerous theoretical perspectives is provided through the link at right.

Research Ethics

Quantitative Research

Funding Sources

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Refereed Journals

Science, Mathematics & Technology Education

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Education Associations

CANADIAN International
Ontario College of Teachers.
Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario.
Science Coordinators' & Consultants' Association of Ontario.
The Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario.
Ontario Teachers' Federation.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation.
Ontario Public School Boards' Association.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Assocation.
Ontario Association of Physics Teachers.
Canadian Association of Learned Journals.
Canadian Teachers' Federation.
Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE).
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.
Youth Science Canada.
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.
National Research Council.
National Sciences and Engineering Research Council.
Engineering Institute of Canada.
International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group: A, B.
Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science.
SchoolNet's On-line Educators' Forums.
Sci-Tech Ontario.
Canadian Federation for the Humanities & Social Sciences.
Canadian Education Association.
Ontario Society for Environmental Education.
Federation of Ontario Naturalists.
History of Science in Science Education Research Group (UWinnipeg).
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