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Curriculum Vitae

Hewitt, J., Pedretti, E., Bencze, L., Vaillancourt, B.D., & Yoon, S. (2003). New applications for multimedia cases: Promoting reflective practice in pre-service teacher education. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 11(4), 483-500.

In recent years, there has been growing interest in the use of multimedia cases for the purposes of preservice teacher preparation. Case-based learning typically involves an analysis of a teaching scenario followed by a discussion of issues that emerge. While this kind of activity is consistent with theories of situated learning and social constructivism, it usually casts the preservice teacher in the role of a detached observer who studies and critiques some aspect of another teacher’s lesson. It is proposed that it may be advantageous to personalize case methods by focusing preservice teachers more directly on their own pedagogical decision-making processes. This article describes an innovative study in which teacher candidates’ immediate reactions to videotaped teaching scenarios were recorded and made the subject of personal and group analyses. Results from the research suggest that this approach has the potential to help candidates develop deeper insights into their own classroom practice.

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