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- Web-based Resources for Science & Technology Educators.
This page provides access to resources that are likely of interest to science and technology educators - in either elementary or secondary schools and in relation to various aspects of their instructional practices. This page is part of a larger set of resources @ S&T Education Resources, which is one of three sections of my main set of Educational Resources. If you have comments, suggestions, ideas, resources, links (e.g., http://www...), etc., please write to me about them. Thanks.
Comprehensive S&T Ed. Sites.
Equipment & Supplies.
Hazards & Safety.
Excursions & Visitors.

Comprehensive S&T Ed. Sites
The sites below were selected because they provide resources for various subject areas of science and technology education, across a series of grades. They have been sorted into those that I feel may be mainly of interest to teachers in elementary schools and those mainly of interest to teachers in secondary school contexts. Educators should, however, keep in mind that resources in different divisions (e.g., 'elementary'  vs 'secondary') may be useful to them.

Mainly Elementary
Ontario Canada

Mainly Secondary
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Equipment & Supply Companies

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Hazards & Safety

Planning and implementation of safe practical ('hands-on') activities in science and technology programmes should be amongst a teacher's first considerations.

Excursions & Visitors

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