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Research & Development
My research, mainly as action research, aims to study efforts by educators and others to promote RiNA projects (as depicted below, left) to address harms for individuals, societies &/or environments apparently largely due to influences of powerful people (e.g., financiers) and organizations (e.g., corporations, governments, banks, think tanks, transnational trade organizations, etc.) on fields of science and technology
(as depicted below, at right).

In Ontario, where I work, such harms may be studied under STSE education.
People like Derek Hodson suggest that promotion of critical & active citizenship is necessary, largely because it appears that we are living in the 'anthropocene,' in which it is apparent that capitalists (mainly) have assimilated (like The Borg) myriad living, nonliving and symbolic entities into a global network that concentrates wealth into few hands at the expense wellbeing of most other living and nonliving things (e.g., see Global Issues).
Most of my research and development has been based on the 'STEPWISE' framework (shown at left) for arranging goals for science & technology education that I developed in 2006.

Over the years, graduate students, teachers and others working with me have learned much about promotion of RiNA projects in school, university & after-school contexts.
Much of what we have learned can be read in various publications listed on my online CV. We are particularly happy with publication of:

If you are interested in learning more about or getting involved in my action research and publication programme, contact me here.