WWW Site for John Lawrence Bencze, Associate Professor (Emeritus), Science Education, OISE/University of Toronto

Research & Development
My research, mainly as action research, aims to study efforts by educators and others to promote RiNA projects to address harms for individuals, societies &/or environments apparently largely due to influences of powerful people (e.g., financiers) and organizations (e.g., corporations, governments, banks, think tanks, transnational trade organizations, etc.) on fields of science and technology
and their educational counterparts.
Based on curricula (especially with its STSE component) in Ontario, where I work, I developed the 'STEPWISE' framework (shown at left) for science and technology education for this purpose. Over the years, graduate students, teachers and others working with me have worked with a 'pedagogical' version of this framework, discussed here. Broadly, this schema uses constructivism informed cycles of lessons and student activities to help students to eventually self-direct research-informed and negotiated action (RiNA) projects to address STSE harms. Much of what we have learned about effectiveness of these schema have been published in various outlets, as listed here, including:

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