Website John Lawrence Bencze (ORCID), Associate Professor (Emeritus), Science Education, OISE, University of Toronto

Seminars & Workshops
On this page, you can learn about seminars and workshops that I conduct for teachers and others involved in science education. After working as a science educator for over forty years (background), I can talk about various topics. However, as indicated in my online CV, I currently emphasize - largely through my 'STEPWISE' programme' - socio-political actions to address harms linked to influences of powerful people (e.g., financiers) and organizations (e.g., corporations) on societies, generally, and on fields of science and technology and their educational counterparts, more specifically. If you are interested in discussing any of the possible topics below, email me at

The video at right (from here) may give you some ideas about topics I might discuss in seminars and workshops. Some possibilities include:

Note: Costs for these only include long-distance transporation and lodging.

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