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Curriculum Vitae

Bencze, L., Carter, L., & Krstovic, M. (2017a). Students’ actor-network-informed motivation for tackling socioscientific problems. Education Review, 5(2), 8-10.

The wellbeing of individuals, societies and environments seem under considerable threat that appear to stem from decisions by powerful individuals/groups about the nature and uses of professional science and technology. In light of the apparent seriousness of personal, social, and environmental problems associated with affected science and technology, many academics have argued that school science, partly through teacher education, should help to prepare citizens to go beyond negotiation of personal positions on issues to actively address potential problems to contribute to a better world. Although this task is often met with various structural and cultural barriers, some evidence suggests that student motivation to act can be enhanced when they self-direct research to inform their actions. In the study reported here, we concluded – based on constant comparative analyses of qualitative data – that students’ engagement in research-informed actions to address socioscientific problems can be enhanced through their uses of actor network theory and practices. Implications for promotion of socio-political activism in and through school science are discussed.

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