JL Bencze Homepage OISE University of Toronto
Homepage of John Lawrence Bencze (ORCID), Associate Professor (Emeritus), Science Education, OISE, University of Toronto

Welcome! This site describes my scholarship & provides resources.

J. Lawrence ('Larry') Bencze
Associate Professor, Emeritus
CTL, OISE, U. Toronto
(Floor 11, SW Wing, Rm. 154)
252 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON, M5S 1V6 Canada
My team of graduate students & teachers and I study science education that promotes - via 'STEPWISE - civic socio-political actions to increase social justice & ecological wellbeing. New: STS Uses in Science Education.

Curriculum Vitae
This page provides a summary of my educational and work background, with special focus on references to publications resulting from my research. New: Colleagues and I have just released a new issue of JASTE, our open-access journal.
Related to my scholarship, I can conduct -
by invitation - seminars and workshops (with coverage for travel & accommodation costs). New: Rethinking Curriculum.


Many of these resources relate to STEPWISE,
which prioritizes socio-economic critiques in STSE relationships, including our new teacher resource book, Science Education for Civic Action, which includes our new graphic novel about a dust pollution controversy.