Homepage of John Lawrence Bencze, Associate Professor, Science Education, OISE, University of Toronto
It is apparent that societies and environments are in serious jeopardy relating to products - such as those using petroleum - associated with fields of science and technology (and engineering & mathematics). It seems clear (e.g., to: Ball; Giroux; Harvey; Hedges; Klein; Marx; McLaren; McMurtry; McQuaig; Monbiot; Piketty; Žižek) such problems - and many more! - are linked to neoliberal capitalism, an ideology that organizes vast networks of living, nonliving and symbolic entities (e.g., WTO, OECD, WB, IMF, TTIP, Disney, Monsanto, Comcast, GOP, Atlas, some universities, 'sexy,' Gates Foundation) to enrich few wealthy people.

Similar to the Polaris Institute, my work is dedicated to opposing neoliberalism and, in doing so, developing educational knowledge - major goals of the CASE project (and EcoJust Actions, both part of STEPWISE).

About the above, also see: March for Science.
See our open journal, JASTE, for activism to address sociopolitical problems.
Note: Our edited STEPWISE book is soon to be released (also at NARST - AERA), summarized here.

John Lawrence ('Larry') Bencze
Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
University of Toronto
252 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON, M5S 1V6, Canada
Office: 11-154 (Floor 11, S-W wing)
Phone: 416 978 0079; Fax: 416 926 4744
Email: larry.bencze@utoronto.ca

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