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Encouraging students to self-direct research-informed & negotiated socio-political actions to address harms linked to STEM fields that concern them.

In 'STEPWISE,' we learn about educators' efforts to encourage students to self-direct research-informed & negotiated action (RiNA) projects to address harms (e.g., human diseases, privacy invasion & climate change) they perceive in STSE relationships.

At right, a teacher describes such a project.

From the links below, you can learn about STEPWISE, acquire teaching & learning resources and join us to promote and learn about encouraging altruistic citizenship through science education.

If you are interested in learning more about STEPWISE, requesting a presentation or workshop or getting involved in our research, contact me at: larry.bencze@utoronto.ca.

Introduction. Harms Linked to STEM Fields. Personal & Sociopolitical Actions. RiNA Projects. Teaching - Learning Approaches. Action Research.