WWW Site for John Lawrence Bencze, Associate Professor, Science Education, OISE/University of Toronto

Research & Development
This web page provides a brief description of and links to my research and development (R&D) work. Because of my concerns about many potential and realized harms for wellbeing of individuals, societies and environments associated with influences of powerful (and, often, very rich) people and groups (often associated with neoliberalism) on fields of science and technology (and, likely, engineering & mathematics) and many other entities in the world, I believe that science educators need to work to help students to gain expertise, confidence and motivation to critically evaluate practices and products of science and technology and, where they perceive problems, be prepared to take personal and social actions to try to bring about a better world for all concerned. Accordingly, in 2006, I developed the STEPWISE framework (shown & linked at right) for such purposes - and, ever since, having been exploring its effectiveness for promoting critical and activist citizens in school science, in science teacher education and in informal youth education contexts. In recent years, STEPWISE has been given different names, including 'EcoJust STEM Actions,' and, currently, 'CASE' - although goals and approaches of these different projects are much the same (as above!).

The STEPWISE project and its 'offspring' (e.g., CASE) have helped graduate students, teachers, me and others learn much about education, many reports of which are given in my online CV. To learn more about these projects, gain access to relevant resources and possibly become involved in our research, please contact me at larry.bencze@utoronto.ca .